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Make Money Sharing YouTube Videos With

Earn money by embeding & sharing any YouTube video using Sharing a video, import it and earn money.

[Image: k0ewKDv.png]

Do you an online blog or a popular social media page? A lot of us do and we are constantly sharing funny videos with our friends followers.
Many website owners across the internet embed videos onto their pages to create engaging articles, whatever the case is if you're sharing a random video you found on YouTube, you should be able to monetize it. allows you to do that!

Hows it work?
If you own a blog or a social media page simply create an account here:
[Image: NhLVJXe.png]

Once signed up simply go to import:
And paste your YouTube link into the box.

[Image: BRstZcF.png]
You will now get a new link with your video you can share it with your friends or even embed it onto web pages to make money!

Before you share your video, make sure to go into account settings and enable monetization.
[Image: CJ9E4JI.png]
Here is an example of advertisements placed on my video.
[Image: Eks3MJ9.png]
Please help us by clicking the report button to let us know about dead links. Thanks, TehParadox

Seems very interesting. Going to try this out on twitter and see if I get any views sharing popular youtubers.

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