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Poll: Is pineapples on pizza ok?
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Is it okay to put pineapple on pizza?

Everyone knows the internet seems to hate pineapples on pizza, what does the forum think? Is it ok?

Okay, all jokes aside I've never had pineapple on pizza. Is it really as bad as people say it is?
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I personally think it's way too much of a flavor clash to be good. Everybody has different tastes, I guess.

Oh yes, i love those kind of pizza's. Never understood why people are hating in.

I wouldn't eat it myself but there surly are people who think it's delicious ^^

I ate it. Not my favored flavor, but you can eat it. Anyway, I don't get those haters.
Perhaps such folks should visit a Chinese supermarket downtown Beijing and buy unpackaged chicken feet and similar delicacies. But in general if it's not your taste, just don't eat it.

In my opinion you can put anything you like on your pizza. What I found gross at first but like now is potato (like roast potatoes) and sausage.

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