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New DMCA Removal Policy 2/13/19 Update

DMCA Removal Policy 2/12/19

We have received a few DMCA complaints, not responding to just 1 request is enough to have our forum potentially shut down by our hosting provider. Our original plan was to set our forum to private completely and not allow guests to view threads.

We however quickly realized a lot of our traffic is coming from search/ guests and we want your threads viewed by as much eyes as possible.

That is why we WILL be removing threads upon copyright holder request, however we are not going to completely remove the threads, registered users on the forum will still be able to view the threads here:

We hope this is a good compromise to keeping our forums open, if you notice your thread has been removed due to a DMCA complaint you are free to re-post the thread.

That's a very smart idea, it's going to be a cat and mouse game basically.

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